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Cool Hunting Green
Oct 2007
Dave Evans
cool hunting green, takes a very lower-case approach to upper-case issues like the ecology with a fascinating, if eclectic, collection of unique and often quirky products which are guaranteed to get people talking, hopefully thinking and maybe even acting in a more environmentally sensitive manner. Designers all over the world have hopped onto the green bandwagon in a bid to be really cool about being really hot!
It’s a caring, sharing, innovative kind of book which seeks to show that ‘going green’ can be done in style and without overdosing on mung beans or investing in hemp sandals although no doubt that also helps too.
Cool hunters, it seems, are a new breed of trendwatchers who travel the virtual world in a never-ending search for cutting edge designs. This, the second book in the cool hunting series, has its focus on clean, green and responsible. But, just so none of it gets boring, the designers highlighted here are clearly prepared to go to the ‘ends of the earth’ or at least their own imagination to show that it can be done with style, creativity and brave innovation. At the end of the day the goal is to blend the sensible and responsible with the beautiful and artistic. How well each designer succeeds is of course up to individual eyes: beauty, as always, being in the eye of the beholder.
cool hunting green is, if nothing else a superb testament to human imagination. It’s a volume where a picture is worth a thousand words, because, there are not many words to begin with. It’s all in the image, both the one in the book and the one each item is expected to display to the world. by Roslyn Ross
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